About Willem

Over the years, I have spent countless hours and resources researching numerous local and internationally renowned horsemen and horse-woman. I have also taken every opportunity I can to ride with and learn from these great and talented people. I am constantly learning, reviewing and self-developing in order to find the best solutions for you and your horse.

I am deeply passionate about the transition of the ex racehorse. Unfortunately, when these horses are no longer financially viable, many are sent to the abattoirs or they end up in "inexperienced but well-meaning" hands due to the fact that they get sold on so cheaply. My heart goes out to these horses and new owners. I understand that they have the horse's best interest in mind and I have assisted many to make the transition safely. In some cases, though, I helped the owner to re-home the horse to an experienced horse person and provided guidance on a more suitable mount.

I am an advocate for natural horsemanship techniques and I use a holistic approach when coaching. Just as all humans have differing personalities, physical attributes and limitations; so do horses. I asses you and your horse and then develop a training program that compliments you both. My training programs consist of simple and logical sequenced exercises that are easy, yet effective.

The other service I offer is barefoot hoof trimming . Natural hoof trimming, natural hoof care and barefoot trimming are all terms used to describe a method of trimming that enables horses to be kept and ridden without shoes. I have gained my trimming techniques through years of experience and I have also had the opportunity of refining and advancing these techniques under the guidance of Andrew Bowe (The Barefoot Blacksmith).

I am a QLD Pony Club instructor and also hold a current National First Aid Certificate and Blue Card.