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Willem and a lttle client

About Us

Soul Horse is a mobile business operating from Karana Downs, Queensland, Australia and travels to your location to offer a quality and friendly service.


Our services include barefoothoof trimming and lessons ranging from beginners through to advanced riders. We focus on safety, confidence building and horse-human communication both on the ground and in the saddle.


"Hi Willem,

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did on my horse Paris. Paris was injured on 6 December 2013, she had been kicked in three legs and could barely stand up. Paris was put on antibiotics and I was hoping she would get better quickly. Two weeks after this, a double puncture mark turned up on the inside of her right fetlock. It was extremely swollen and hot and she was shivering. I got the vet out , however they were not clear as to what they thought was wrong with her. Two weeks later when the vet came again, they said that she had an infected tendon and they put her on long-term antibiotics and told me to strap her leg , they didn't offer much hope, saying that she probably would only be paddock sound at the best and no good to ride.

I had sent her to my friend Heidi's place where she was able to be stabled and got more care. While she was there you recommended to her that Paris needed her feet trimmed. I got another farrier out who I knew. He trimmed her. Nothing changed. I was becoming desperate and the vets told me to put her down as there was no improvement , her fetlock  was hard and the swelling was enormous ,she couldn't put her foot on the ground.

You were out at Heidi's place and you saw Paris again and and offered to trim her feet for me. You did this and two days later I turned up at the paddock to say a final goodbye to my horse and the swelling had started to reduce. You had relieved the pressure on the tendon. You did what the vets couldn't do! It had been nearly 3 months since the initial injury. I had been told by the vet just prior to this to put her down as she was not recovering and wouldn't. I was very relieved as Paris continued to improve and I cancelled her euthanasia. I am very happy to say that she now is able not only to be ridden, but also being used for lessons.

This is thanks to you and the great job you did of trimming her feet. I would highly recommend you to anybody wanting a good Trimmer.

Thank you for saving my horses life! Carolyn Nurcombe